Art with Hyroglyphs

This page is dedicated to the discovery of the sacred principle of true structural linguistics, with the help of which for the first time one can read and understand Egyptian texts.

Пример для чтения Египетских Иероглифов.

I invite you to go along the winding path that starts right here. The first video is waiting for you in which I will read examples of the revival of some Egyptian texts.

Now is the time to explain what hieroglyphs really are. In the next video, I will reveal the universal principle at the heart of true structural linguistics, although in fact we will be touching upon the very material from which the mind creates.

You, of course, noticed that the hieroglyphs are signed in Cyrillic letters. Let me explain in the next video exactly what my decision is based on.

Everyone is a skeptic in one way or another. Being a skeptic is even very good, but only if a skeptical inclined person still gives a chance to the unknown to properly present itself. The next video is the perfect moment to provide the first proof that the Egyptian text has been read and interpreted correctly.

Sometimes, in order to explain something that is important in the field of studying the topic of Egyptian hieroglyphs, it is necessary to move away from the topic itself and explain the main thing, relying on seemingly extraneous examples, which, however, are not. Here, just, and a video in which, for the sake of explaining the topic of placing additional vowels, it turned out to be attractive to reveal the secret of Malcolm McDowell and not only his... By the way, I was very nervous, and this was reflected in the quality of the presentation. It's not every day that you have to admit to something that you hoped you wouldn't have to admit, although, of course, I knew that it simply wouldn't work otherwise.

Several new lectures will be added to this page very soon.

At some point, it became clear that it was almost impossible to convince anyone to devote time to studying the proposed method of reading Egyptian texts, аnd then I realized that I need to create physical objects through which knowledge can be conveyed. After all, in fact, everyone who purchases my products at some point wants to take a closer look at their purchase. Sometimes, it costs a person to read one word on his own, and this is already enough for a cardinal revolution to occur in understanding. So I hope you'll take a look at the items I've created.

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