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It is possible that reading the Egyptian text on the first page of the site intrigued you. However, you are confused by the words "JOPE-G" and "IZPUSH" unfamiliar to Google translator. Russian-speaking will tell you that "JOPE-G" is something that has a "G" on the back, and "IZPUSH" is something that should be straight but turned out to be deformed - squeezed out.

You can guess what exactly this text is about from the video below, although it is unlikely that there is anyone in the world who is ready to believe a very accurate Egyptian prophecy - A prophecy about exactly how the ability to read Egyptian texts will return to this world. Yes, namely by sending postcards with a large recognizable letter "G" on the back to all Masonic lodges of the world.

Hello, dear guests, you have come here for a few seconds to make sure that the material I offer is not serious. Therefore, unfortunately, my first task is to convince you to take more time to study my work, and for this I will not start my videos immediately with the decipherment of Egyptian texts, but instead I will start with small glimpses of what you would discover yourself if you had the skill to read these texts.

Ancient knowledge of Rome

БЕРИ (take) УВЕ (confidently) НАШИМ (to ours) ОНЛИ (only) ВЕЙ (breath) УДА (success).

Ancient knowledge of Rome

ГИССА-ХАР (geese-hurryer) ЗАВУ (call) ЛУНУ (moon) ВЕНЯМИН (Ben-ja-min).

Ancient knowledge of Rome

Here is a symbol that conveys what will be known in the depth of Bible as "Moon". In one of the planned videos, an explanation will be published why the prophet named the biblical temple of the moon - Benjamin.

Ancient knowledge of Rome

ДА-ДА (yes-yes) НАВЕНА (again) ФАТАЛИ (inevitably) ГАДА-ВЕШЕР (God-weigh-er).

In order for the deciphered text to become understandable, it is necessary to get acquainted with the basis of sacred knowledge. This will be the subject of the next page.

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