Art with Hyroglyphs

Compilation of the following videos on this page will step by step lead to a new understanding of True Meaning of the Big G Symbol in Ancient Hermetic Teachings.

Ancient knowledge of Rome
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Eight nipples of the legendary she-wolf and the hills of Rome in full accordance with the ancient system.

Ancient knowledge of Rome

After it turned out that the two cards really accurately predicted the future, those people who knew that the true author of the deck of cards had already left this world began to draw their own cards and pass off their prophecies as true. In fact, there is a way to distinguish Ir's cards from fakes. This will be revealed in the video I'm working on right now.

Here is only cards from Master's deck

I am currently working on completing this page. In the coming days I will add the most interesting. In the meantime, I want to offer you a selection of video lectures dedicated directly to the reading of Egyptian texts.

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